COSCA Recognition Scheme for Organisations


Directory of COSCA Recognition Scheme Organisations

Organisations on this Directory are members of COSCA, adhere to the COSCA Statement of Ethics and Code of Practice and have been assessed as meeting the standards of the COSCA Recognition Scheme.

COSCA Recognition Scheme Survey 2021

Results of the COSCA Recognition Scheme survey of COSCA member organisations.

COSCA Pre-Recognition

Please see the above link for more information on the preparation for full recognition when your organisation is in the process of setting up a new counselling and/or counselling skills service or developing an existing service and do not yet meet the criteria for the COSCA Recognition Scheme for Organisations.

'The Ethics of Confidentiality and its Limits' - COSCA Journal Article Autumn 2013

'The Ethics of Confidentiality and its Limits' is an article written by Tim McConville for the COSCA Journal - Counselling in Scotland - Issue Autumn 2013.


COSCA Recognition Scheme: Introductory Leaflet

COSCA's Recognition Scheme is a quality assurance Scheme that sets standards for counselling, psychotherapy and counselling skills organisations in Scotland. This leaflet provides an introduction to the Scheme and outlines the benefits of becoming involved.


COSCA Recognition Scheme: Information, Guidance & Procedures

Further information, guidance and an outline of the procedure for the COSCA Recognition Scheme.


COSCA Recognition Scheme: Annual Monitoring - Procedure

Procedure for submitting the COSCA Recognition Scheme Annual Monitoring Form.


COSCA Recognition Scheme - Annual Monitoring Form

COSCA Recognition Scheme Annual Monitoring Form, see procedure above for help on how to complete the form.


Testimonials from COSCA Recognised Organisations

Please download for testimonials from COSCA Recognised Organisations.


COSCA Recognition Scheme - Registration Form

This form will allow you to register your interest in the COSCA Recogntion Scheme and will provide assitance through the process by the Development Officer.

COSCA Recognition Scheme - Suitabililty of premises form 

This form is required to be completed for any additional premises you use for counselling.

COSCA Recognition Scheme Assessors and Verifiers

COSCA is currently looking for volunteers to be involved in our Recognition Scheme for Organisations.
Would you like to contribute to the advancement of the quality of counselling and counselling skills in organisations in Scotland?
Do you feel you can help make a difference?

Please click the link above for further information 

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